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Vintage Lab Vol. 3 [Analog Lab]

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I have been working in the 👨‍🔬🔬⚗️ and now present you Vintage Lab Volume 3!

  • 75 Presets for Analog Lab V
  • 7 are Multi-layer Presets with 2 instruments
  • Made with V Collection 9
  • Electric Guitar samples were used along with orchestral samples (CC0)
  • Vocal samples made with Emvoice One
  • Cover Art included

^ How to enter coupon code "newshop30" for 30% off. You can right click and "open image in new tab" to make it larger

Note: If you do not own V Collection 9, Pigments, Augmented Strings, or Augmented Voices, you will need to download the demo version of them for some of the Presets to work. It will install the "factory samples" that are needed for the Presets to load correctly.

This is coming straight from Arturia themselves. The samples are not exporting into the Preset like it does with Mellotron V.

^ A how to install video + txt instructions are included

Return Policy: No refunds or exchanges. Read more

You will get a ZIP (20MB) file