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4,000+ Free Vital Presets!!! (2023 List)

Free Vital Presets

Vital is my favorite Free VST of all time. It's a Masterpiece. Vital definitely holds its own when compared to paid Synths such as Opal, Phase Plant, Pigments, and Serum. My top 2 at the moment are Pigments + Vital.

For those of you who are new to it, Vital is a spectral warping wavetable Synthesizer. You can create virtually any sound you desire: from Virtual Analog and hybrid organic sounds, to as much chaos as your ears can handle!!

Vital VST was developed by Matt Tytel. He decided to release it for free, and offer paid "upgrades" that come with extra Presets + Wavetables. There is a massive (pun-intended 😆) Community around Vital that includes Sound Designers, Custom Skin makers, and Music Producers. Shout out to the Vital Forum!!

You can tell that Vital is inspired by classic Wavetable Synths like Serum, but takes things even further with a vast amount of sound-shaping capabilities. Vital's FX section is also feature packed.

I have put together a list of Free Vital Preset banks. There are over 4,000 Free Presets on this List. It will be updated periodically as I find more Free Presets. If you are a sound designer and would like me to add your Free Vital bank to the list, please use the Contact Form.

🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! As a Free Bonus, I'm giving away my latest paid Vital Bank, "Vitality Vol. 8" ($20 value). It comes with 60 Presets + 3 Custom Skins. See below! 🚨

Free Vital Skin


😎🌊 Free Cool WAV Vital Presets: Every odd # Bank (1, 3, 5, 7) of my "Vitality" Preset series is free.

My sound design style leans towards Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Lo-fi. I absolutely love the sound of Analog Synthesizers, and try to emulate their character in my Presets. I also enjoy making hybrid Presets by layering live instrument samples with Wavetable Synthesis.

Download Vitality Vol. 1, 3, and 5 for Free (65 Presets)

Download Vitality Vol. 7 for Free (20 Presets)

As a Bonus for checking out this blog, I'm giving away my latest paid Vital Bank, "Vitality Vol. 8" for Free!

It comes with 60 Presets and 3 custom skins.

Vital Free Bank

Get Vitality Vol. 8 for Free < No Coupon Needed!

Nate Maelz - Free Vital Banks for R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Lo-fi.

Nate Maelz - Gas Station Vol. 1 for Vital (20 Presets)

Nate Maelz - Gas Station Vol. 2 for Vital (20 Presets)

Nate Maelz - Gas Station Vol. 3 Lite for Vital (15 Presets)

Nate Maelz - After Hours Lite for Vital (10 Presets)

Lukas Lundh - Free Vital Bank (40 Presets)

Major 80's Vibes!!

Ra Sharpness - Vital Plucks (25 Presets)

This Bank has a variety of Plucks, Guitars, and Keys suitable for any Genre.

ANNMS - 170 Free Vital Presets

This was one of the first Preset Banks I downloaded for Vital. Genre = EDM

SFNK - Free Vital Essentials Banks Vol. 1-4 (400+ Presets and Wavetables) EDM

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Florixel - Vital Essentials (300+ Free Presets!!) EDM

Sonicspore - 3 Free Vital Banks (150 Presets Total!) EDM + Multi-Genre

Sonicspore - 50 Free Vital Presets 2021

Sonicspore - 50 Free Vital Presets 2022

Sonicspore - 50 Free Vital Presets 2023

Vital Forum Community Preset Banks:

Lucy Blake - 2 Free Vital Banks (300 Presets)

Qub1t - 2 Free Vital Banks (195 Presets)

sodapopComa - Free Vital Bank (37 Presets)

“Wilieu’s Weird Whatevers” (100 Presets)

Tinga Free Vital Bank (100 Presets, 52 Wavetables, 14 LFOs)

Infinity Preset Pack by Edovlciak170 (20 Presets)

Harizon Modern House by BlueDot (70+ Presets)

50 Free Future Bass Chord Presets by WardMat

Phantom Sam - 70 Free Vital Presets

Jazen Sounds Free Community Vital banks. "This is a community pack made by members of the Jazen Sounds Discord server."

JazenSounds - Free CyberWave Vital Bank (76 Presets)

Jazen Sounds - Free Winter Vital Bank (84 Presets)

Jazen Sounds - Free Aquarium Vital Bank (54 Presets)

Dixon Beats - Ominous Lite Vital Bank (10 Presets)

For Drill, Hip-Hop, and R&B

Free Vital Banks

Dixon Beats (Patent Sounds) - Luminance Lite (10 Presets)

Vital VST Presets

Heyquex - Flumy Free Vital Bank (28 Presets)

Heyquex - Essential TRVP Free Vital Bank (26 Presets)

Muted IO - 50 Free Vital Presets

"Vital is the new wavetable synth sensation by Matt Tytel and here's a free pack with 50 presets I created for it."

Sammo - Crystals for Vital (80 Presets)

"80 versatile FREE presets for Vital crafted by SAMMO designed for EDM and bass music"

Alex Reid - Free Vital Pack (45 Presets) Multi-Genre

PhaseBlaze - Aura Free Vital Synth Soundbank (40 Presets) EDM

AZPEX - Free Vital Bank (20 Presets) Hip-Hop, Chill, Lo-fi

Nave - Astral Vol. 1 Free Vital Bank (75 Presets) Reggaetón, Pop, Hip-Hop

Spark Packers - Free Vital Taster Pack (12 Presets + 26 Wavetables)

Free Presets for Vital

ART1FACT Music - 4 Free Vital Banks (50+ Presets)

20 Free NeuroFunk and DNB Presets

20 Vital FreeSets

Vital Birthday Free Presets

13 Vital Presets

GhostHack - Day 15 (15 Presets) EDM

Free Vital Bank Presets

Kling Music - Free Vital Preset packs

Over 15 "Mini-Packs" of Free Vital Presets for EDM

Antidote Audio - Free Vital Presets Multi-Genre

40 Presets for Vital including Basses, Leads, Keys, Pads and More!

Free Vital Preset

Venus Theory - Vital Signs Free Edition (10 Presets)

Vital VST Free Bank

Ultra Samples - Free Vital Banks (100+ Presets)

Ultra Samples has several free Vital banks that include Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, and more.

Adi Art - 120 Free Vital Presets

Bass - 39, Lead - 24, Keys - 42, Pads - 11, SFX - 1, Experiment - 3

Hargy Beats (25 Presets) For Hip-Hop, Trap, and R&B

New Era Vol. 1

Free Presets Vital

New Era Vol. 2 Free Edition

Erscii - Free 8-Bit RetroGame Vital Bank (14 Presets)

ProdbyDVN - Blurred Free Vital Bank (20 Presets) Hip-Hop + Trap

GONDII - Vital Essential Vol. 1 (100 Presets) Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, and more

Higher Dimension Sounds - Free Vital Banks

Several free banks for Hardstyle and Tech House

Sergi G Beats - 20 Free Vital BZRP Presets

20 Presets influenced by Bizarrap for EDM + Latin Trap

Sergi G Beats - Vital Reggaeton Presets Vol. 1 (20 Presets)

Rewired Records - Free XMAS Pack (40 Presets) EDM

Free Presets for Vital

W.A Production - Free EDM Vital Bank (50 Presets)

Echo Soundworks - Origins for Vital (40 Presets)

Multi-Genre Presets for Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Future Bass, and more.

Echo Soundworks - Reese Basses for Vital and Serum (15 Presets)

Angelic Vibes - Free Vital Bank (30 Presets) Hip Hop + R&B

Bird Tattoo - Arcade Bank for Vital (40 Arcade Themed Presets)

Bird Tattoo - Vital Bank 1 (30 Presets)

MY FRIENDS - Zone for Vital (37 Presets)

"Slap house bass, hardstyle kick, hard lead, supersaw, pads and orchestral"

B-Lort - 17 Free Vital Banks!!! (Almost 400 Presets Total!)

For Many Different EDM sub-genres

PresetShare - Preset sharing Community (2,100+ Vital Presets as of today)

Presetshare Vital


  • The First Vital Skin at the top is called "Default Glowies" and was created by rnaru of the Vital Forum community. You can get it in the Vital Skin Sharing Thread. (posted there Sept. 2022)
  • The 2nd Skin is called "Coolness" and is included in Cool WAV - Vitality Vol. 8
  • Please let me know if any of the links are dead